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imageGenetic engineering refers to a set of technologies used to change the genetic makeup of cells and move genes across species boundaries to produce novel organisms. Once released, these genetically modified organisms (GMOs) can easily spread and interbreed with other organisms, and they are virtually impossible to recall back to the laboratory.

Monsanto provides roughly 90% of GMO seeds in the world. These seeds have been genetically modified to produce their own pesticide or to survive repeated spraying of Monsanto’s toxic herbicide Roundup. Monsanto’s GMOs are not designed to increase yields to feed the world, but rather to increase Monsanto’s profits. Monsanto sells high-priced, patented seeds to farmers who are required to sign contracts stating that they will buy new seeds every year. And as their crops become increasingly herbicide-resistant, Monsanto sells more and more chemicals to farmers who are caught in this vicious cycle. Due to the enormous political clout of Monsanto, the American public is being denied the right to know whether their foods are genetically engineered or not.


Shopper's Guide
identify non-GMO products from independently-owned companies that support GMO labeling and have decent labor and environmental practices--AND identify products from companies that don't meet those standards.

The Truth About GMOs
this paper defines GMOs, provides background on the bio-tech industries that produce them, and describes the hazards that GMOs present to the environment and to the humans and animals that consume them.

GMO Glossary
Definitions for terms related to Genetically Modified Organisms compiled by OSC members.

OSC Earth Action Campaign Handout
Info on Occupy Sonoma County's Earth Action Campaign.

GMO Discussion

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We might do well to prepare for a slow descent into the next Dark Age. Or we can balance the suffering caused by covid against the suffering caused by the collapse of civilization. Some of us are chill with the collapse of civilization. Eco-nihilist "deep ecologists". That's because it is an

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Words from the Global team. Covering funding, C19 crisis and how we are all working together to image a better world. [image: XR-logo-4col-Black-Linear] Hello rebels, XR Global Support here! We hope this message finds you well during these troubling times. We’re writing today to formally

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Global premiere: Earth Day, April 22 [image: Story of Stuff Project] The Story of Plastic, our first feature-length documentary, has been years in the making. Now, we’re just weeks away from its global premiere. In this email, learn about the three ways to watch the film – including virtual

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[image: Occupy Sonoma County] ​EARTH ACTION IN THE NEWS Welcome to the people who have joined recently. This is a simple weekly newsletter. Your participation is encouraged. Please share information and actions about climate change, climate justice, GMOs, toxic chemicals, and Earth-relate

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This article explains how the covid 19 virus works at the physiological level to damage the lungs and kill its victims. The data is sound, the reasoning is self-evident, the explanatory power is strong -


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